Be a local, not a tourist

The best Japanese cultural experiences are here.

The new standard for discovering Japan

Zens offers unmatched local experiences. We believe that in today's hustle and bustle, it is easy to overlook the true spirit of this dynamic yet ancient nation.

We are eager to display Japan's magnificence to our guests, not only through our exquisite logdings, but also through delightful activities that we know will leave a positive, lasting impression.

By eliminating needless complexity in arrangements and communication, we truly hope to make your stay in Japan extraordinary.

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Activity 2

We are people driven

Unlike touring with a tourguide, you will be able to form close friendships through Zens Activities. It is our strongest desire that you have unforgettable experiences and that you encounter people you will want to reunite with in the future as well.

Activity 4

Personalized translation

For hosts who have difficulties speaking in English, we facilitate communication via our translators, your Zens Friend. We hope this will allow for frictionless dialogue.

Activity 3

Zens Friend

Activity hosts are not always fluent in Engish.

Your Zens Friend will assist you during your activity in the event you were to get lost in translation. This will help avoid misunderstandings while encouraging friendship building along the way.