The spirit of Japanese cuisine

Master the Japanese spirit

Offered in Japanese (English translations via Zens friend)
3.0 hours in total
Meal provided

3 Hours experience

: Meeting Time: 10:40
: Meeting Point: Shibuya Station

About your host, Yosuke

Good food brings a good smile. I’ve known this when I was a child. Ever since then, I’ve been devoting myself in the field of cooking for over 30 years and developed a distinctive understanding of Japanese cuisine. As I turned 32 years old, I started my own restaurant “Ikkyo” to with a mission to leave the beautiful culture of Japanese cuisine to future generations and to promote it to the world.
His Passion(Video)

What to expect

As been registered as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, Japanese cuisine has been watched with interest all around the world. I imagine Japanese food is one of the things people look forward to when people visit Japan. But the “real” traditional Japanese Cuisine has not been noted publicly. I will give you an experience that you can’t have anywhere else as an expert in Japanese cuisine. Use your five sense to earn a deep knowledge of Japanese cuisine. Let’s encounter the moment you overcome the stereotype of Japanese cuisine together at a restaurant that even Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO has visited.

What we’ll do

1. An Introduction

We’ll begin with a quick introduction of the host Yosuke Watanabe and his restaurant Ikkyo. You'll get a glimpse into the secrets behind the restaurant that so many, including celebrities, have fallen in love with. Yosuke will give you insight into Japanese cuisine in a way that even most Japanese people don't ever get to experience.

2. Japanese Knives

Knives are essential for Japanese cuisine. Mr. Watanabe will introduce to you the three main types of knives he uses. He will demonstrate their different uses, showing his skills from training in Kyoto for over a decade.

3. Making “Dashi”

"Dashi" determines the flavors within Japanese cuisine. Dashi, or Japanese soup stock, is usually made from dried kelp or dried shaved bonito. Mr. Watanabe will demonstrate for you how these two types of dashi soup are made. You will have a chance to taste the difference for your self. Take a look into the deep world of Japanese dashi soup.

4. Tasting

The activity will conclude with a meal of sashimi, tempura, and soba (buckwheat noodles) prepared by Mr. Watanabe. You'll try fresh sashimi from the Tsukiji fish market with a special soy sauce prepared by the chef. Then, you’ll try some tempura of Kyo-yasai (traditional vegetables grown in Kyoto) with dashi soup. Many of the Kyo-yasai are difficult to get, so you won't want to miss this opportunity! Lastly, you will be served soba with dashi soup.

Enjoy traditional Japanese food prepared by a first-rank Japanese chef!

Where we’ll be

  • Traditional Japanese Restaurant “Ikkyo”

What I’ll provide

  • Japanese Cuisine for lunch


  • Allergies
  • Vegetarian
  • Halal

Please tell us your request in advance.

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Course requirements

Minimum: 3
Maximum: 6
Age: All guests meet the minimum age of 18 years

Identification Verification:
Please bring your passport or any validated identification provided by the government.

Where to meet

Meeting Place : Japanese Restaurant “Ikkyo”


I leaned many different things :)
The chef was extremely knowledgeable.
It's amazing! Perfect guides, perfect cookers!
Awesome teacher, the meals were delicious. We learnt a lot of Japanese ingredients and cuisine.

¥ 13,500 + tax


2 days or less: No refund
3-7 days: 50% of activity price
7-14 days: 70% of activity price
More than 15 days: full refund

¥ 13,500 per person + tax