Ueno Ameya-Yokocho Tour -Walk in Japanese Commoner Atmosphere-

Japanese commoner atmosphere at Ameya-yokocho market!

Offered in Japanese (English translations via Zens friend)
3.0 hours in total
Meal not provided

What to expect

The Ameya Yokocho market street in Ueno, Tokyo, is the place to feel the lives of Japanese commoners.Here are many items to bring back as souvenirs. You can find traditional food, cheap clothes, unique items in this street, while enjoying eating around on your way.

Ameya Yokocho Street

On 17th July, Japanese Cuisine Activity was held with a couple from France! Supported by Zens Friends with a spirit of hospitality, the activity was proceeded in a homey and friendly atmosphere. They enjoyed Tempura and Soba with Japanese "Dashi", which was made right in front of them. If you are interested in, feel free to contact us: activity@zenstartup.jp 7月17日に日本料理アクティビティが開催されました。 今回の参加者は、フランスから訪れた若いカップル。 おもてなしの心をもったゼンスフレンドによる通訳とサポートもあり、和やかで楽しい雰囲気で進行しました。 目の前で取ったばかりのだしと一緒に、天ぷらやそばを楽しんでいただきました。 #zens #zensactivity #zensfriend #activity #japantrip #traveljapan #japanesefood #japanesecuisine #kaiseki #dashi #tempra #traveljapan #shibuya #日本料理 #懐石料理 #日本文化 #粋京

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About your host, Zens Friends

Zens Friends are the people who have the heart of hospitality. Zens Friends are not just your interpreters. They are Japanese ‟locals”, and your “friends”. As ‘Zens Friends’ is a local, you can explore Japan as a local not just as a tourist.

Zens Friends will guide you through the tour!

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Ameya-yokocho, a loud, cheap and colorful market district in the Ueno area of Tokyo, began life as a black market after World War II. Now it is a multi-cultural mix of cut-price stores, supermarkets, bars, restaurants and shops.

Ameya Yokocho

Meet your guide and take a walk in the Ueno Onshi Park

The statue of Saigo Takamori

Ueno onshi park, a large public park, is located only 3 minutes from Ueno station. The park has been developed as a center of arts, culture and education. In the park, you can learn Japanese history while visiting the statue of Takamori Saigo, Bentendo temple, Shinobazu pond, and so on.

Walk through Ameya-Yokocho(Ameyoko)

Enjoy shopping souvenirs and experience local Tokyo commoner atmosphere.

Zens Friends will guide you through the 500m market. Ameyoko is one place in Tokyo where you can bargain!


Shops on the street sell a wide variety of items ranging from foodstuffs, such as marine products, snacks and dry foods, to clothing, cosmetics and jewels.

As a typical scenery of Ameyoko, vendors show off their products, such as marine stuffs, shouting thickly, that they will offer discount, “I’m coming down more on prices.” They readily accept calls for price cuts. It increases the enjoyment of shopping there.




Guide Fee

Not Included

Food and Drink fee
Transportation fee

What we'll offer

Zens Friends will support your travel by......
・Introducing recommended places
・Making reservations
・Taking pictures

Sample Itinerary

Depart from meeting point at Ueno Station
|Meeting 5 min prior to the departure time.
|5min walk
①See some of the backstreets of Ueno (60mins)
|As part of the tour, you can experience eating and drinking at the taverns and restaurants in the area
②Ameya-yokocho street(120 mins)
|Here you can experience the backstreets of Tokyo that are normally hard to find for tourists seeking authentic local shopping.


Please book the tour at least 3 days prior to the desired date.

If you would like to participate outside of the listed dates, please let us know!!

Where to meet

Meeting Place : Ueno Station


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Ameyoko was a very lively shopping street. It was surprising that there was a small temple in the middle of the street. We will participate in other tours next time!

¥ 4,000 + tax


2 days or less: No refund
3-7 days: 50% of activity price
7-14 days: 70% of activity price
More than 15 days: full refund

If you would like to participate outside of the listed dates, please let us know!!

¥ 4,000 per person + tax