Ceramic Crafting while discovering the essence of Japanese nature and history in Gunma

Imitate the lifestyle of a Japanese pottery artist

Offered in Japanese (English translations via Zens friend)
5.0 hours in total
Meal provided

1 Day Experience

About your host, Junko

My name is Yamamoto. I’m a pottery artist who presents my pottery artworks both in Japan and overseas. I have a strong desire to introduce the essence of pottery-making to the world. I am now passionate in expressing gratitude towards nature and celebrating the beauty of it through the art of pottery making.

What to expect

The activity will be taking place in Gunma prefecture, a place where you discover the essence of Japanese nature and history. Distant from the busy metropolitan Tokyo, you will be spending your time with a Japanese pottery artist, experiencing both her passion towards traditional Japanese Art and life.

Day 1

What we'll do

Enjoy your time in Ashikaga, a city that is embraced for its natural beauty and its profound history. You will be visiting the beloved Soba noodle restaurant.
we will move to the pottery-making studio which is located in a tranquil neighborhood. You will have lots of fun learning pottery-making in a relaxing home-like environment.

Where we'll be

11:00 at Ashikaga city: Ashikaga City,
Four -Seasons Pottery Club

What is included

  • Lunch
  • Ceramics experience
  • Meeting up and sending away


If you would like to stay more, we can arrange inn, hotel or guest house.

What I'll give you as a gift

  • Special gift

Course requirements

Minimum: 3
Age: All guests
Primary School students: 50% off
Pre-school Children: Free
Identification Verification: Please bring your passport or any validated identification provided by the government.

¥ 13,000 ¥ 9,100

(30% off) + tax


2 Days or Less: No refund
3 Days: 25%
4-7 Days: 50%
8- 14 Days: 75% of activity price

¥ 13,000 ¥ 9,100 per person + tax