About Us

What is Zens?

We are a startup based in Harajuku founded in 2014, with the ambitious goal of vitalizing Japan.

We want to present the best that Japan has to offer to the world.

We believe that this won’t just enrich the experience of travellers, but will also open up a new world for the Japanese people interacting with these travellers.

Currently, we manage 150+ Airbnb listings in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto and are expanding everyday. But to achieve our goal, this is not enough.

Therefore, we present to you Zens Activity, where our Japanese hosts share the most important parts of their lives with you.

Zens Activity - A new standard for discovering Japan

Zens Activity offers unmatched local experiences.

We believe that in today's hustle and bustle, it is easy to overlook the true spirit of this dynamic yet ancient nation.

We are eager to display Japan's magnificence to our guests, not only through our exquisite lodgings, but also through unique activities that we know will stay with our guests for a lifetime.

By eliminating needless complexity in arrangements and communication, we truly hope to make your stay in Japan extraordinary.